Privacy Policy for Grand Theft Chase: Drag Race

This privacy policy relates to the Android game app Grand Theft Chase: Drag Race.

Grand Theft Chase: Drag Race on Android uses the Google Analytics system. Google Analytics is a piece of software that grabs data about Grand Theft Chase: Drag Race’s players (you). It’s something like an advanced log.

What does Google Analytics record?

What device model you are running the app on.
The amount of time you spent in the app.
Which country/language your phone is set to run in.
What version of the Android OS you are running.
What version of the app you are running.
Which game stages you have played.
And quite a bit more.
Why do you do this data?

The analytical data is useful to me as a developer for a number of reasons including but not limited to:

It allows me to better understand the kind of people using my app, which parts of it they like the most and which parts they don’t like.
Seeing which devices are most popular (to convince me to support and test on these devices more).
To see which devices the game doesn’t run on well (for example a time of zero seconds played tells me the game didn’t even load correctly and I should look into this).
To see which countries the game is popular in. Then I can consider adding localizations for that region (like text in the local language).
To see the results of my marketing (e.g. If place an advert for the game somewhere, see what effect in downloads it has).
No personally identifying data is included in this type of reporting. All of the activity falls within the bounds of the Google Analytics Terms of Service.

We also send push notifications for user engagement purposes.


As with many developers making products for the Android market, we depend on revenue from advertising. This also allows us to make our apps available to you for the generous retail price of FREE! The advertising systems we use in “Grand Theft Chase: Drag Race” includes in-game adverts (banners like Google AdMob, MMedia), interstitial full screen adverts (like those from Chartboost and Vungle).

Users should be aware that if an advert is clicked it may take them out of the application to places like the Google Play Store in order to show them an app they can then download, alternatively the user could be taken to a third party website that may use cookies and/or analytics of its own and is NOT related in any way to this apps analytics or privacy policy.

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